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Landlords: You cannot cut a defaulting tenant’s water and electricity

Many a landlord is tempted to go the “self-help” route when non-paying tenants refuse to pay up and also refuse to leave. Holding costs mount with not a cent in rental income to show for it, the landlord gets desperate and locks are changed, access codes blocked, electricity and water cut off. But what if, […]

When Your Tenant ‘Does A Duck’

Tips for landlords when their tenant does a disappearing act. Everyone who has let out property knows that sickening feeling when you find out that your tenant has disappeared. Most of the time there are signs—usually unpaid or late paid rental. Some tenants plan to go without paying, while others just cannot pay. What should […]

Options to Renew Leases – Risks for Landlords and Tenants

Leases often give tenants an option to extend or renew at the end of the current term, and tenants who lose sight of the value and importance of such an option are flirting with disaster. Tenants In a nutshell, when the time comes to exercise your option do comply fully with the clause’s requirements. Make […]

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