DTS Attorneys – Law Firm in Port Elizabeth


We offer comprehensive and professional conveyancing correspondent services for the Cape Town Deeds Office for the executing and registering of any conveyancing and notarial matters. We provide a cost effective, hassle free and reliable correspondent attorney service with constant feedback and will endeavour to maintain the best possible turnaround time. We recognise the need for fast, efficient and friendly service with every instruction receiving the personal attention of the conveyancer at hand.

  • Double check and examination system of all deeds prior to lodgement which will include the rectification, where possible, of any errors;
  • Advice on problematic conveyancing matters
  • The arrangement of lodgements with the linked conveyancing firms;
  • The removal of any examiner’s notes raised on the lodged deed, where possible, and engaging with the examiner in regard thereto;
  • Personal collection of deeds from the Deeds Office after registration
  • Secure delivery of registered deeds;
  • Comprehensive searches of deeds office records;
  • Constant feedback and progress reports on the status of deeds in the deed s office and registration thereof;
  • Attendances at the Registrar’s panel where necessary so as to obtain rulings in respect of problematic matters;
  • Applications for the black booking of deeds where necessary and permissible.
  • Obtaining copies of diagrams from the SG.
  • Processing applications in respect of rectifications and urgent deliveries.
  • Advising on important changes/amendments in legislation and Deeds Office procedures.


Rian du Toit
Nico Kock
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