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Cannabis Policies in the Workplace: A Delicate Balancing Act

The continuously evolving legal landscape surrounding cannabis use both at home and in the workplace presents significant challenges to employers.

On the one hand, you have your duty to ensure safe working conditions for all employees and others in the workplace, on the other you have the very strong employee rights to individual privacy and dignity enshrined in our Constitution. Navigating your way through these unsettled waters requires a delicate balancing act, as a recent Labour Appeal Court award of over R1m to a wrongfully dismissed employee shows…

When is resignation a constructive dismissal?

Perhaps you are an employer, and that troublesome employee who you’ve been hoping would resign does exactly that. Saving you, as you see it, from the risk, hassle, and expense of disciplinary or retrenchment proceedings. But are you really home and dry? Or perhaps you are an employee, driven to resign by your employer’s constant […]

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