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Understanding your legal obligations as an employer of domestic workers

South Africans employ an estimated 900,000 domestic workers. They assist us with a range of tasks that keep our homes running smoothly – from cleaning and gardening to cooking and childcare, their contributions are invaluable. However, as an employer, it is vital that you recognise and fulfill your legal obligations in order to establish a […]

Your Employee Reaches Retirement Age and Wants to Keep Working – What Should You Do?

“For many, many people, I’m a firm believer that 60 is the new 50.” (Carolyn Aldwin, director of Oregon State University’s Center for Healthy Aging Research) As even the youngest Boomers (the generation born between 1946 and 1964) approach the “Big Sixty”, an increasing number of employees will be thinking about whether or not they […]

Dismissed for Criticising a Mine’s “No High Heels in the Workplace” Rule

“The evil in this case is the wearing of high heels as opposed to flat shoes. It is a case that pits sartorial elegance against health and safety at the workplace” (Extract from judgment below) Employers have a general duty to ensure health and safety in the workplace. But as a recent Labour Court case […]

The “Great Resignation” is upon us – Know the law!

“Signs of the “Great Resignation” are rippling across South Africa” (Business Insider report, 22 April 2022) The global pandemic-induced “Great Resignation” trend is upon us, and both employers and employees need to be aware of how our law views the whole question of employee resignation. A recent Labour Court decision gives some valuable guidance – […]

A Victim of Sexual Harassment Must Report It “Immediately”

“…sexual harassment is a heinous and horrendous conduct since it undermines the dignity of women and the values enshrined in our Constitution.” (Extract from judgment below) Employers have a strong duty to provide a safe workplace for their employees, and to protect them from harm – including sexual harassment. An employer who fails in this […]

A Million Rand Warning: Act When Employees Reach Retirement Age

“Retirement is for people who don’t like their jobs” (Paul McCartney) Many employees reaching “retirement age” (often set at 60 or 65) are not ready to retire. Perhaps they need to carry on earning an income, often they are fit and healthy and want to remain engaged and productive. Increasingly, both factors are at play. […]

R4m Damages for a Workplace Sexual Assault

“The stance adopted by the Municipality at the trial demonstrated a disturbing lack of appreciation of its legal obligation to have provided E[….] with a safe working environment.” (Extract from judgment below) Our courts do not tolerate any form of sexual assault or harassment in the workplace and a recent High Court decision confirms the […]

Dismissed: The Butcher Who Went To Work With COVID-19

In these times of deadly pandemic, both employees and their employers need to observe all workplace safety protocols to the letter. As the Labour Court recently pointed out, having fancy COVID-19 policies in place is meaningless if they aren’t strictly observed by everyone, and all the time. The Court was dealing with the case of […]

Employers: Beware the “Casual Worker” Myth!

Employees in South Africa enjoy strong protections under a raft of laws such as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), the Labour Relations Act (LRA) and the Employment Equity Act (EEA). Failure to comply with these Acts, whilst perhaps tempting to many employers struggling financially in these hard times, is not only unfair to […]

Extended: The Rights of Grieving Parents to Choose Burial After Pregnancy Loss

Expectant parents who lose a pregnancy before 26 weeks (the age set by the Births and Deaths Registration Act (BADRA) in its definition of “still-born”) have until now had no right to bury their foetus, which had to be incinerated as “medical waste”. That has changed with a recent High Court order declaring the relevant […]

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