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April 1, 2020
Getting your personal house/properties in order while the doors are locked
April 6, 2020

Is your house in order in your business?

Company documents, contracts and corporate governance are vital. You never think it’s important until you need it and then it’s often too late and its costs you hard earned cash. Now is the time to sort out your house while the doors are locked.

Do you have the following basics in place:

  • The correct directors on record?
  • The Memorandum of Incorporation that suits your business?
  • Share certificates issued?
  • A Shareholders’ agreement?
  • Loan agreements in place?
  • Director and staff contracts?
  • Terms and condition of the supply of your product or services?
  • Credit application forms?

We will, at no charge, discuss and agree each client’s particular requirements and then determine a cost of delivering the result where we as a company have decided to, due to the current tough times we are in, sharpen our pencil and allow the cost to be recouped over an agreed period of time dependent upon your cash-flow over the coming months.

So, let’s get your business in order while the doors are locked.

Take a look at this short video in which Peter Allanson, head of our commercial division, briefly explains what you need to consider.

Contact Peter Allanson on or 082 322 4028

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