Is your house in order in your business?
April 6, 2020
Leases, Contracts and COVID-19: What is Force Majeure?
May 6, 2020

Getting your personal house/properties in order while the doors are locked

I notice from my social media feed that many people use the present time on hand to renovate, clean, organize and plan.

At DTS Attorneys we believe that this is also the time to plan and organize your legal affairs.

This is the time to consider your estate?

Ask yourself if your present will is still relevant and valid?

The next question for consideration is estate planning – are your properties owned by the correct entities and are these structures beneficial from a taxation point.

Perhaps your accountant already indicated that you should transfer some properties between different entities.

The time is now to discuss those needs with our team of legal experts at DTS.

We are also sensitive to the financial pressures which goes with the lockdown and we have devise various payment options and plans to assist you to utilize the opportunity to sort out your legal house.

We await your emails and telephone calls to discuss your needs.

Contact Rian du Toit at or 082 30 36 409.

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